Short introduction: the teams

We’re less than a week away from the EHCCC 2016. But which teams will be competing in this annual tournament? Where are they from? What prices did they win? Let’s tell you little bit more about all eight teams! 


hcdb-200HC Den Bosch (Den Bosch, The Netherlands) – Won the Dutch Hoofdklasse title 16 times out of the last 17 editions, only to be denied in 2009 by Amsterdam in the final. They also won the EHCCC from 2010 to 2013. All that makes Den Bosch a contestent for the title once again, which they lost in the final last year.

schc-200SCHC (Bilthoven, The Netherlands) – This year, SCHC hosts the EHCCC for the second consecutive time. Last year, SCHC defeated Den Bosch after shoot-outs, claiming their first ever EHCCC title. Will SCHC lift the trophie again on may 16th? 

surb-200Surbiton Hockey Club (London, England) – Surbiton isn’t just a nice club with a great history, it is also the second oldest hockey club in the world! Surbiton was founded in 1874 and has continuously played the modern game of hockey excluding the duration of World War I and World War II. And now, they are coming to Bilthoven!

cant-200Canterbury Ladies HC (Canterbury, England) – Canterbury, founded in 1901, is located just outside the city. The ladies team has played international hockey a couple of times, and made it to the English play-offs this year!

Untitled design (1)Pegasus LHC (Belfast, Ireland) -Pegasus stands for: Physical Education Girls and Staff Ulster College and Stranmillis. One does not simply visit the EHCCC and avoid Irish hockeyfans. Boy, did they enjoy the tournament last year. Those memories still occur in our dreams (the good ones!). No matter how well the team performs, their fans will have a great time!

campo-200Club de Campo Villa de Madrid (Madrid, Spain) – Club de Campo Villa is a largely expended, well respected sports club in Madrid. Besides hockey, it has facilities for swinmming, tennis and golf. In 2008, Club de Campo Villa hosted the Davis Cup final, and in 2006 the Womens Hockey World Cup. 

Untitled designUHC Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany) – Also known as Uhlenhorst. Germany is one of the top countries when it comes to hockey. And Uhlenhorst might just be the very top of Germany. With both men and ladies playing at an international level, they are a real contestent for the title.

CSP KrylatskoyeCSP Krylatskoye (Krylatskoye, Russia) – All the way from mother Russia! Our East-European friends travel a long way to complete our hockeyparty! Don’t underestimate these beautiful people. They will be bringing their A Game, which is incredibly solid.